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WR01   18k White Gold 2 Carat Green Sapphire Diamond Ring.
MdsJU3434   18k White Gold Amethyst Pendant with Necklace
1478   18k white gold and stainless steel screw designed bangle
123584   18k white gold cat necklace
drewchainy-   18k White Gold Chain
erogiechain   18k White Gold Chain
98898   18k white gold claddagh cubic zircon earrings
17258963   18k white gold Colombian oval emerald with diamonds
986665   18k white gold cross with diamonds
cabuta2fdr   18k White Gold Designed Diamond ring
556565   18k white gold designed diamond ring (setting)
skgqewurh   18k White Gold Designer Chain
gjhjhfmui   18k white gold Diamond & Ruby Bracelet
set3291   18k White Gold Diamond and Emerald set
11088088   18k white gold diamond and pearl set
setpear   18k White Gold Diamond and Pearl Set
858089110   18k white gold diamond and ruby ring
504369   18k white gold diamond Band
WE203   18K White Gold Diamond Chandelier French Clip earrings
bggh558655   18K White Gold Diamond Cross
18436876   18k white gold diamond Dragonfly pin
16656166   18k white gold diamond flower shape ring
AABBDD   18k White Gold Diamond Marquise Ring
78769   18k white gold diamond nose ring
yjugztrrt   18k White Gold Diamond Pendant
223532535235   18k white gold diamond ring
aegrreg   18k White Gold Diamond Ring
howsjn93nd   18k White Gold Diamond ring
15687956   18k white gold diamond seal ring
diastennisbra   18k White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
ghrt34puta2   18k White Gold Diamond Womens Ring
heuwej1   18k White gold Emerald Pendant
556618176   18k white gold eternity band
sqaursg   18k White Gold Gorgeous Diamond Pendant
56rergeuir   18k White Gold Gorgeous Gold Topaz Pendant
vsuydy7u   18k White Gold Gray South Sea Pearl Ring
ghgfropes   18k White Gold Hallow Rope Chain
798651321   18k white gold hammer finish bangle bracelet
dfdrdtgf545645745   18k White Gold Heart Shape Setting Emerald Ring
5456454564bhfgf   18k White Gold Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet
vgfdhgdhj5465556   18K White Gold Natural Colombian Emerald Invisible Princess Cut Diamond Ring
56-89-   18k white gold nose piercing with diamonds
fgf56f5d6554d5   18K White Gold Pave Setting Diamond Ring
5665656544   18K White Gold Pearl & Diamond Hinged Earrings
pearlycras   18k White Gold Pearl Diamond Earring
1861894   18k white gold push back hanging diamond earrings
xcddsr54536   18k White Gold Special Diamond ring
skeytifftiff   18k White Gold Tiffany & Co Key Diamond Pendant
yosemm342   18k White Gold Triple X Diamond Rings
158duamwhite   18k White Gold Unique Diamond Don Quixote Pendant With Chain
523136316413   18k white gold Vintage diamond cross
9468JBVG   18k White Gold Vintage Diamond Ring
Cosd32   18k White Gold Vintage Diamond Screw Back Earrings
51561656   18K White Gold Womens Tennis Bracelet
dbhjshsjhs545   18k White Gold Yellow & White Diamond Band Ring
15dseiure   18k Yellow & White Gold Diamond Bracelete
LZXQ   18k Yellow & White Gold Diamond Ring
kegf8934sa   18k Yellow & White Gold Ring
buishbahaa   18k Yellow & White Gold Rope Chain
5reyre4yf   18k Yellow & White Gold Solitary Diamond Ring
SWGHDS   18k Yellow & White Gold Solitary Diamond Ring
ergdfg   18k Yellow & White Gold Solitary Ring
22222555   18k yellow and white gold 2 sided cross
1278529215   18k yellow and white gold cubic zircon dog pendant
1568168681---   18k yellow and white gold flower ring and earring set
673sixy383   18k Yellow And White Gold Single Diamond Ring
dwtupapw3   18k Yellow and white Gold Single Diamond ring
yutyuf42   18k yellow and white gold single diamond ring
fth5eyn   18K Yellow Charm Bracelet
fgfg544dfd42ee   18k Yellow Gold "Hand" Marquee Emerald Ring
452.301.   18k yellow gold (750) jubilee style bracelet
amywfygupoa   18k Yellow Gold Amethyst Chain
vghremanmade-   18k Yellow gold Amethyst Earring
1012328566   18k Yellow Gold and Platinum Band
abcdedf3   18k Yellow gold and Platinum Hanging Earrings
ELPHYANT_090   18K Yellow Gold Baby earring and Pendant set
5gfcolor   18k yellow Gold Beautiful Charm bracelet
ayyre20f   18k Yellow Gold Beautiful Diamond Red Enamel
grfeindor_77   18k Yellow Gold Belgique Pendant
9889   18k yellow gold black onyx earrings
-dsrtyjsds   18k Yellow Gold Blue Opal Ring
hjfewuiew   18k yellow Gold Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant
dgfmjdtgkyu   18k Yellow gold Blue Topaz Pendant
dj38923   18k Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Ring
cthepyramids   18k Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet
cherkdslijtblu   18k Yellow Gold Checkerboard Sapphire Diamond Pendant
14589884j   18k Yellow Gold Cheetah Earrings
sdgfyju   18k Yellow Gold Collectible Pocket Watch
85556   18k yellow gold colombian emerald cross
WR0024   18k Yellow Gold Colombian Emerald Diamond Ring
yoooewbru32   18k Yellow Gold Cross Pendant
2581   18k yellow gold cubic zircon earrings
55665   18k yellow gold cubic zircon hanging earrings
88987-789   18k yellow gold cubic ziricon flower earrings
89198198   18k yellow gold cultured pearl necklace
54564454   18K Yellow Gold Cultured Pearls Earrings
8978797   18k yellow gold Damiani and Brad Pitt wedding band ring with diamonds
254565jgghghgfy   18k Yellow Gold Designed Round Sayland Sapphire Ring
toinght   18k Yellow Gold Diamond & Emerald Band
riubsuddda   18k Yellow Gold Diamond & Natural Ruby
23ubovrg   18k Yellow Gold Diamond & Onyx Ring
Gorgeousf46   18k Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Rings
fefhbtyaaq   18k Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Ring
starblueesap   18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Blue Australian Opal Ring
WR00111   18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Flower Designed Ring
187011319   18k yellow gold diamond and natural ruby ring
periidoott-   18k Yellow Gold Diamond And Peridot Heart Earrings
ncnwrrmnkib   18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire ring
77y6rf   18k yellow gold Diamond band
elloculoe21   18k Yellow Gold Diamond band
yuprcdsew35   18k yellow gold Diamond band
95688156   18k yellow gold diamond bangle
dfsbmtyu   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Pendant
yjyhu67   18k yellow gold Diamond Cross Pendant
1565155756060   18k yellow gold diamond earring
ewthkireda34   18k Yellow Gold Diamond earring and ring set
rt434rere3   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Frog pin
54654654564654   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Heart
634163414333333333333   18k yellow gold diamond heart and necklace set
61661655   18k yellow gold diamond leopard pin
54521566   18k yellow gold diamond little feet
5161615515581111211221   18k yellow gold diamond omega choker
123566534   18k yellow gold diamond pendant
kkuglu   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant
1053068   18k yellow gold diamond ring
erg54ew678   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
yupectusabe   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
001515   18k yellow gold diamond ring and earring set
weqeoi2ew   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Rose Ring
ringsrew   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ruby Ring
kjb2892bitche   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Tuxedo Button and Cufflink Set
papamamazs623   18k Yellow Gold Diamond Women's ring
WOmmeenQ   18k Yellow gold DIamond Women's Ring
brusvbdrnope   18k Yellow Gold Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Necklace
01   18k Yellow Gold Earrings
lmaowhythou   18k Yellow Gold Earrings
df546   18k yellow gold Elephant pendant
WR0041   18k Yellow Gold Elephant Ring with Cuban Zircon Stones
Gjkltuuikj   18k Yellow Gold Emerald
656166   18k yellow gold emerald band
dfd456fsf64646   18k Yellow Gold Emerald, Garnet & Diamond Ring
dfqewf   18k Yellow Gold Empty Setting For Your Choice Of Stone
517661   18k yellow gold eternity band
sdfd65f6f6ss   18k Yellow Gold Flower Cabochon Emerald Ring
MMMWW   18K Yellow Gold Flower Pendant/Charm
bhk6v7yu   18k Yellow gold Gorgeous Diamond Ring
dsuivengsge   18k Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond Ring
gfrt378   18k Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond Ring
yaculep235r   18k Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond Ring
fakyslol   18k Yellow Gold Green and white Stone Earrings
dfxcvgucc   18k Yellow Gold Gucci Style Bracelet
broswpkd3   18k Yellow Gold Handmade Pendant Natural Topaz
25878   18k yellow gold heart blue enamel
dgnfsdakkjd   18k Yellow Gold Heart Diamond Pendant
hghoreiq   18k Yellow Gold Heart Pendant
bruhhhoops2   18k Yellow Gold hoop Diamond Earring
52655665   18k Yellow Gold Horse Charm
bvbvvyu3069   18k Yellow Gold Horse Pendant
yesusmedalgD   18k Yellow Gold Jesus Medallion
255PLew9   18k Yellow Gold Jesus Pendant
LITT-golf   18k Yellow Gold Kids Leverback earrings
crownre2   18k Yellow Gold King Crown Pin (Corona para el santo)
78261-SAIO   18k Yellow Gold Kitten Emerald Earrings
14519990   18k Yellow Gold Knot Earrings
hjdhhjghdgs532545454   18K Yellow Gold Ladies & Young Men Ring
dfdfddf545s545ds4   18k Yellow Gold Lavender Cabochon Calcedonia & Diamond Ring
dghdgdsgh245424   18k Yellow Gold Le Petite Prince Medal Diamond Ring
8888   18k yellow gold light amethyst Cubic zircon
where32xz   18k Yellow Gold Link Chain
ebrueiwru   18k Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl Pin
jhelpgoldy   18k Yellow Gold Made In Italy
Chainfesdf   18k Yellow Gold Mariner Chain
14jfgkjPOp   18K Yellow Gold Mariner Necklace
aplwqs   18k Yellow Gold Medium Hoop earrings
45345   18k yellow gold Mickey Mouse ring with diamond and ruby
LOWDNQQ   18k Yellow Gold Multi Color stones
bhjsduiew212   18k Yellow Gold Multi Color Stones Earrings
regf543q112124   18K Yellow Gold Multi Gemstone Design Hanging Earrings
11205305   18k yellow gold natural emerald and diamonds
rfw585468   18k yellow gold Natural Emerald ring
dfsfs45454s545   18k Yellow Gold Natural Oval Ruby Ring
256rfrefdfdfd   18k Yellow Gold Natural Oval Sapphire Ring
dvsyjuewruby   18k Yellow Gold Natural Ruby Diamond Pendant
gjhugxz   18k Yellow Gold Natural Ruby Necklace
1234   18k yellow gold newborn baby pendant
putad31wd   18k Yellow Gold Nugget finish Diamond Ring
amyyythsy   18k Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst Earrings
BAQPOY   18k Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst Leverback earrings
fvdfhr   18k Yellow Gold Oval Blue topaz Pendant
PRALA-ODS   18k Yellow gold Pearl Bracelet
148785536   18k yellow gold pearl pendant with chain
4744   18k Yellow Gold Plated Raymond Weil watch
ixklowbe   18k Yellow Gold Platinum Wedding Band
barawlartt   18k Yellow Gold Religious Medallion
asearingd   18k Yellow Gold Roman Numerals Band
Orosstys_23   18k Yellow Gold Rooster Pendant
jbwej3y   18k Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Fly Pin
51101148802   18k yellow gold Ruby cabochon and diamond ring

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