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sicew37423zoqw   14k Yellow Gold Oval Slide Locket
rg4hj23r   14k Yellow Gold Pear Pendant
rubypear   14k Yellow Gold Pear Pendant
POLe34   14k Yellow gold Pear Shape Mabe Pearl
97987981   14k yellow gold pear shape ruby and diamond ring
54456454   14K Yellow Gold Pear Tanzanite Stud Earrings
WNP001   14k Yellow Gold Pearl & Diamond Necklace
WNP03   14k Yellow Gold Pearl & Diamond Necklace
hnvgu89   14k Yellow Gold Pearl & Garnet Hanging Earring
oweowe3   14k Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings
yaaretpearly   14k Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings
125454545   14K Yellow Gold Pearl Enhancer
pearlsshoopyy-   14k Yellow Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings
12318   14k yellow gold pearl necklace
6150165165   14k yellow gold pearl non pierced earrings
6546445   14K Yellow Gold Pearl Pendant
rey678954   14k yellow gold Pearl Pendant with chain
CCFD575   14k Yellow Gold Pearl push back Earrings
MABEEEEf   14k Yellow Gold Pearl Shape Mabe Pearl earrings
AA5604   14k Yellow Gold Pearl Stud
ker8934   14k Yellow Gold Pendant
yooocey3   14K Yellow Gold Pendant
peridotttdf   14k Yellow Gold Peridot Diamond Earring
deterea   14k Yellow Gold Peridot Ring
14446464   14K Yellow Gold Peridot Stud Earrings
685561   14k yellow gold pin with diamonds and sapphires
56657   14k yellow gold pink cubic zircon earrings
61861616   14k yellow gold pink tourmaline pendant
xfmdropook   14k Yellow gold Pink Tourmaline Pendant
58988779   14k yellow gold plain comfort wedding band set
7542353   14k yellow gold plastic cube (number 5) charm
ALPHA_d2   14k Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Ring
zmekbgh   14k Yellow Gold Push Back Earrings
154564564   14K Yellow Gold Pushback Hoop Earrings
vibboy5e   14k Yellow Gold Red Coral Cross
5135618686   14k yellow gold red star stone 3 set shirt studs
lightstar   14k Yellow Gold Red Star Stone Ring
21bbjujuj   14k Yellow Gold Religious Medal
dfsf54454545   14k Yellow Gold Rhombus Diamond Earrings
871408111   14k yellow gold ring with Diamonds and a Opal
998998   14k yellow gold roller skate tie tack and pin
Rosdorte   14k Yellow Gold Rope Chain Bracelete
AAuek   14k Yellow Gold Rosary
Rosesaparj   14k Yellow Gold Rose Diamond Pendant
Csew   14k yellow gold Rose Heart Pendant
rtrt4rosr56   14k Yellow Gold Rose Shaped Diamond
1478956321   14k yellow gold round ball earrings
levverbd   14k Yellow Gold Round CZ Stones Earrings
hughgju66455   14k Yellow Gold Round Natural Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet
255688   14k yellow gold round tanzanite
bwdyhehj   14k Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Necklace
32hgfcgh   14k Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant
144545645   14K Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamonds Whorl Earrings
79876551231   14k yellow gold ruby and diamond ring
8710817151   14k yellow gold ruby and diamond ring
89778111001   14k yellow gold ruby and diamond ring
56819f5y   14k Yellow Gold Ruby Cabochon Pendant
ftgjrasrt   14k Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Pendant
RUBYBEAUTY   14K Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Ring
TUUANH-A   14k Yellow Gold Ruby Racing Horse
81981   14k yellow gold ruby ring
BB98563   14k yellow gold Saint Anthony "pray for us' pendant
755   14k yellow gold Saint Anthony pendant
ty46yt67st   14k Yellow gold Saint Genesius medal pendant
96328571   14k yellow gold Saint Guadalupe necklace
7865   14k yellow gold Saint Joseph "pray for us" pendant
gtyntr45   14k yellow Gold Saint Jude Thaddeus Medal Pendant
34tg2   14k yellow gold Saint Teresa Medal
diamdoef3sappy   14k Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond Necklace
regherghdesghjw54545454   14k Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring
rle34klj   14k Yellow Gold Sapphire And Diamond Ring
1546ji   14k Yellow gold sapphire and Ruby Earrings
oohugpara   14k Yellow Gold Sapphire Diamond Earrings
wewui23ui   14k Yellow Gold Screw Back Ball Post
bfSharks   14k Yellow Gold Shark Diamond Necklace
15599   14k yellow gold shrimp diamond ring
mens221   14k Yellow gold Signet Mens ring
GFFDFSSF544545   14k Yellow Gold Single Diamond Earrings
68816161   14k yellow gold single diamond necklace
3546468546bnjutc   14k Yellow Gold Single Diamond Pendant
sticksandstns   14k Yellow gold Single Diamond Pendant
121651815881188181   14k yellow gold single diamond ring
faucetuh   14k yellow Gold Sink Pendant
LKJ   14k yellow gold Six Point Star pendant
SSSSf33   14k Yellow Gold Small Baby Ring "S" Pendant
TEEINY-l   14k Yellow Gold small Diamond Heart Pendant
CZZZZZZZs   14k Yellow Gold Small Hoop Earrings
jhbb   14k Yellow Gold Small Triangle Pendant
168151651   14k yellow gold smoke topaz pendant
5545645   14K Yellow Gold Snake Ring
988988989   14k yellow gold snake ring
renrwpqf1   14k Yellow Gold Soccer Shoes
awdegtjae   14k Yellow Gold Solitary Diamond Ring
stjszF   14k Yellow Gold Solitary Diamond Ring
LMPOOD   14k Yellow Gold South Sea Black Pearl Ring
sgqecz   14k Yellow Gold Special CZ Ring
5868686   14k yellow gold special designed earrings
1789552615518100   14k yellow gold special onyx and diamond set
13185658-5--5   14k yellow gold square cabochon 3 set shirt studs
ghshjhsjhs45454   14k Yellow Gold Square Kidney Wires Diamond Earrings
bitches215g   14k Yellow Gold Square shaped Diamond ring
dfdgdgdg456dg4545   14K Yellow Gold Star & Heart Design Diamond Earrings
MN0012   14K Yellow Gold Star Necklace
8668868   14k yellow gold Star of David necklace cubic zircon
66555   14k yellow gold Star of David with diamonds pendant
rbrtbjoa   14k Yellow Gold Straight Baguette CZ Band
123267   14K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings
studyystu   14k Yellow Gold Stud Earrings
SWNP012   14k Yellow Gold Sweet 15 Key Necklace with Tri Colored Beads
tanzaniea   14k Yellow Gold Tanzanite Earrings
54564656   14K Yellow Gold Tanzanite Pearl Shape Pendant
017899121   14k yellow gold tanzanite ring
18989   14k yellow gold tanzanite stone with diamond necklace
FGFHF6GD64DG64D   14k Yellow Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Heart Pendant
WE00050   14K Yellow Gold Tear Dropped Amethyst Designed Hanging Earrings with Diamonds.
59856645   14k Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet
dsgkjbwui   14k Yellow GOLD Tennis Diamond Bracelet
fftenqplbv   14k Yellow Gold tennis Diamond Bracelet
woi23_aj   14k Yellow Gold Thin Diamond Ring
0hui1356   14k Yellow gold Thin Diamond Row
cfxdffx545456464   14k Yellow Gold Three Line Diamond Earrings
11616168741   14k yellow gold Tie tack
5518   14k yellow gold tiger pendant with a diamond
879163598   14k yellow gold tiny heart ankle bracelet
Lhtgtg   14k yellow Gold Topaz Pendant
661161616   14k yellow gold triangle amethyst with cubic zircom
rgeonkirgeoire   14k Yellow Gold Triangle Diamond Pendant
868778   14k yellow gold trillion natural ruby with diamonds earrings
triotruo   14k Yellow Gold Trio Diamond Ring
8989   14k yellow gold turtle pendant with rubies
Atwoheand   14k Yellow Gold Two hand Diamond Ring
06011012   14k yellow gold two piece set engagement ring
jdfhjdshjdshjs54546464   14K Yellow Gold Two Row Diamond Huggie Earrings
123225486668256   14K Yellow Gold Two Row Womens Diamond Ring
sfrwCZ   14k Yellow Gold Unique Design Ring
sdfbtehqwdia   14k Yellow Gold Unique Earrings
rehalla   14k Yellow Gold Unique Made Diamond Pendant
54564654   14k Yellow Gold Unisex Diamond Square Earrings
gdhdjdj5756254   14K Yellow Gold Unisex Ruby & Diamond Ring
86535472546456   14k yellow gold V shape diamond necklace
weewdsk   14k Yellow Gold Vintage Bulova Watch
624645626526   14K yellow gold Vintage flower ring
41564514545   14K Yellow Gold Vintage Horse Pin
gdfhdgdhf547454545   14k Yellow Gold Vintage Longines Watch
6084105yupy   14k yellow gold Virgin Mary Medallion
99987897   14k yellow gold Water resistant Concord watch
dfdhrjyu3   14K Yellow Gold White & Green CZs
786515165   14k yellow gold white culture diamond pearl
9528989   14k yellow gold white culture pearl
9895155   14K yellow gold white cultured pearl
51dd   14k yellow gold white cultured pearl with one diamond
6981891899   14k yellow gold white round cultured pearl
14545564   14K Yellow Gold Whorl Shape Cultured Pearls Earrings
634646365   14k yellow gold with one diamond
2312   14k yellow gold womans bracelet Diamonds and ruby's
rfireui3eui   14k Yellow Gold Women's Charm Bracelet
reuiehuie3   14k Yellow old Diamond Earrings & Pendant
1helpjudr   14k Yellow, Rose & White Gold Niño Divino Pendant
rgewrgre   14k Yellow, White & Rose Gold Chain
dfdfqptu   14k Yellow, White, & Rose Gold Rosary Necklace
WP00102   14kt Gold Globe Pendant
WE20234   18 K Two tone Diamond and Natural Ruby Hanging Earrings
WNP1102   18 K Two Tone Square Trio Diamond Pendant
WN0003   18 K White Gold & Diamond Horse Shoe Necklace
WP0201   18 K White Gold Natural Jade Pendant
WE0020   18 K Yellow Gold Amethyst Stud Earrings
WR102   18 K Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire and Diamond Snake Designed Ring
545415145   18 K Yellow Gold Kissing Cubic Zirconia Charm
gfjstj4yghfj   1851 One Dollar Gold Coin Pendant
sdjgkljWM   1851 One Dollar Solid Gold Coin Diamond Pendant
155656   1873 "1 Dollar" 22k Gold Coin Pendant
6476737   1883 Republiuca Argentina 22k yellow gold coin
hghsghjajahj   1884 Silver One Dollar Coin
5254545   1899 "2 1/2 D" 22K Gold Coin
25074   18k yellow gold letter B diamond ring
56465465465456   18k "750" Designer Key Chain
rtsurtudt   18k (750) White Gold Diamond Bracelet
1215   18k (750) white gold diamond open bangle bracelet
187181871   18k (750) yellow and white gold cubic zircon heart bracelet
98695989889   18k (750) yellow gold diamond and ruby ring
58998   18k (750) yellow gold eternity band
Lion2ds   18k 750 Yellow Gold Roaring Lion Pendant
tucacaskn83   18k Beautiful White Gold Diamond ring
ei56afgh   18k Colombian Emerald Diamond Necklace
ZOQML   18k Diamond Yellow Gold
3141437545758   18k Jaeger LeCoultre ​Odysseus skeleton back
16616wewewe   18k Natural apple green jade with diamonds
aspped3   18k Rose And White Gold Diamond ring
788111101   18k rose gold Amethyst Tourmaline & Diamond ring
78897879   18k rose gold diamond bangle bracelet
PINKYS-2123z   18k Rose Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet
ayreec3489   18k Stud Pearl Earrings
tritrigold   18k Tri Color Gold Earrings
98986616   18k two one diamond cross pendant
ewg3ghtu   18k Two Tone Diamond Gold Ring
7891481   18k two tones white and yellow gold Valentino Di Leonardo rotating woman ring
hellow365   18k White and Yellow gold
7551   18k white gold (750) cross with diamonds
5665   18k white gold (750) flowers with onyx bracelet

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