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514bqpoklgf5   Vintage Hamilton 10K gold filled Watch
564666   Vintage Hamilton 14K White Gold Watch
19374682   Vintage Hamilton 1960's 14k White Gold Diamond Ladies Wrist Watch
tumama9i3   Vintage Hanging Single Diamond Pendant
523523534522672   Vintage Indian Natural red star diamond ring
WR04441   Vintage Indian Star Ruby Ring
WR01102231   Vintage Insert Emerald Diamond Ring
3431111   Vintage Italy map enamel pendant
AP0333   Vintage Key Pendant And Pin
WE0030   Vintage Ladies Amethyst & Pearl Push Back 1970s Hanging Earrings 14K YellowGold
WN200116   Vintage Lady Design Necklace
pocketwatch1   Vintage Le Soir 14k Yellow Gold Pocket Watch
5516501650   Vintage Leverback cultured pearl earrings with diamonds
ylala   Vintage Light Green Sapphire Yellow Gold Ring
dfthfgh   Vintage Longines 18k Yellow Gold Watch
WA0007   Vintage Longines Automatic Admiral 10k Yellow Gold Filled Watch (Men)
zlqqe2893ui   Vintage Longines Grand Prix Pocket watch
watchwsd21   Vintage Longines Swiss 750 Watch
Longiness2   Vintage Longines watch with diamonds
ergrtg411   Vintage Lucien Piccard Dufonte Collection watch
WR0210154   Vintage Marquise Opal Ring
WR015111   Vintage Marquise Shape Ring
WR00374741   Vintage Men's Nugget Diamond RIng
ABBE29   Vintage Mens 18k Yellow Gold Single Diamond ring
bkacuiqe   Vintage Mens Gruen Precision Diamond watch
373362525241   Vintage Multi tone gold diamond heart pendant
3448634362247   Vintage Multi tone gold diamond necklace
3466383562   Vintage Multi tone gold diamond ring
VR101   Vintage Multiple Diamond 14K White Gold Ring
11086850111325   Vintage Natural blue sapphire diamond ring
WEE2300525   Vintage Natural Ruby Ring
34431113466   Vintage never worn diamond & pearl ring
1346573211343   Vintage Non pierced flower diamond earring
WR015163   Vintage Nugget Blue Sapphire Ring
353462254621   Vintage opal and diamond ring
WP02215522   Vintage Opal Pendant
WR02316   Vintage Opal Ring
WW0221557   Vintage Paul Ditisheim Solvil Watch
WP25566112   Vintage Pave Diamond Heart Pendant
485468954589   Vintage Pearl and diamond push back earrings
66641   Vintage pearl and round garnet "A" pendant
34ffa   Vintage Pearl Pin Brooch
5303830   Vintage Pinkish red natural star Burmese ruby diamond ring
0527357161697   vintage platinum Colombian emerald engagement (May birthstone)
1541343   Vintage platinum diamond band
WEE23008   Vintage Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring
dfrgw334yo323   Vintage Platinum Diamond Necklace
00546156drgputa   Vintage Platinum Diamond Ring
24ds4dssd   Vintage Platinum diamond ring
3421241132322   Vintage Platinum diamond ring
54068484434rfewqew   Vintage Platinum Diamond ring
7867257   vintage platinum eternity band ring
147885811   Vintage Platinum jade diamond ring
714166544brdy   Vintage Platinum Ring
rebger334   Vintage Polo Cap Yellow Gold Earrings
86866   Vintage pre own platinum diamond wedding band
WA0018   VIntage Rado DiaStar Quartz Watch. 108.0108.3
WEE230789   Vintage Ram Ring
LMW0001777   Vintage Rare Omega Constellation Chronometer Watch
dfhputatssse245   Vintage Red & and White Stone ring
65665564   Vintage rubies and diamond french clip (non pierced) earrings
cunsomdnbfbgd   Vintage Ruby & Diamond 18k Yellow Gold
sv4pins   Vintage Ruby & Sapphire Yellow Gold Pin
WEE230987   Vintage Ruby Ring
MW15115   Vintage Seiko Quartz Watch
LMW0201   Vintage Seiko Wristwatch
WW0221556   Vintage Sellita 17 jewels
elom8wh3   Vintage Snake Pearl Pendant
teri34389cuco   Vintage Special Design Gorgeous Diamond Ring
1010068061061016   Vintage Special Designed diamond gold ring
yuprter457   Vintage Sterling Silver Beautiful Open Bracelet
efew874878   Vintage Sterling Silver kitten pins
WP20894   Vintage Tanzanite Pendant
dhdhfkdhjkd45466   Vintage Thailand 1960s Natural Sapphire Diamond Ring
AP01010   Vintage Tiffany & Co Garnet Cufflinks
WR012555666   Vintage Turquoise Diamond Ring
597595   Vintage Unisex diamond ring
swetviitor   Vintage Victorian Era Pearl Yellow Gold Pendant
oktywatch   Vintage Waltham Pocket Watch
151588886811   Vintage white gold diamond pendant
1210616155155   Vintage White gold diamond ring
dfe34bruhh23   Vintage White Gold Pearl And Diamond Tapered Baguette Ring
CBA6122   Vintage Yellow Gold Button cufflinks
WP0206   Virgen de Guadalupe Pendant
WP0025   Virgin Mary "Guadolupe" Pendant
OLSN_skjbs   Visconti Firenze Pen
movwfgdqkx   Vizio Movado Watch
wlathmwhite   Waltham 14k WHITE GOLD POCKET WATCH
LMW0200   Waltham Gold Filled 10 Microns Watch
54056154klj   Well Designed Platinum Diamond ring
WB0018   White & Pink Gold Zig Zag Bangle Bracelet
Pwej-232   White & Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
65198   white culture pearl necklace
WE1329   White Enamel Earrings
yoputa2e32d   White Gold Diamond Band
WMB4555336   White Gold Bangle Bracelet
tdko34i   White Gold Blue Star Diamond Ring
diasemeraldsff   White gold Diamond And Natural Emerald Ring
3452545445   White gold diamond cross pendant
WMP0008   White Gold Diamond Dog Tag Pendant
THREESw   White Gold Diamond Earring And Pendant set
bvludhqpc   White Gold Diamond Earrings Screw Backs
875566531112   White gold diamond pendant with chain
42634623312   White gold Diamond push back earrings
EEWQH-als   White Gold Diamond Push Back Earrings
screw221   White Gold Diamond screw back earrings
10585634   White gold Diamond Studs
3411233121123321   White gold diamond studs
tucacr43s   White gold Diamond womens ring
eternity41   White gold Eternity Diamond Ring
WE0441   White Gold Hanging Earrings
SLIPYScc   White Gold High Heel Shoe Pendant
okkkvr75   White Gold Lever Back Earrings
q920chnfer8   White gold Push Back Diamond earrings
icerollera-   White Gold Roller Blade Pendant
WP0002   White Gold Round Diamond Champagne Circle Pendant
WB0019   White Gold Screw Bangle Bracelet
rui8bruhh39   White Gold Single Diamond Ring For Men
erhk2q   White Gold Solitary Diamond Ring
WB0631   White Gold Tennis Bracelet
WE0213   White Sapphire Earrings
LWA0001   Woman & Men's Movado Olympian Watch Set
WB0007   Woman's 14 K Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
WR0007   Woman's 18 K Yellow Gold Unique Designed Diamond Ring.
WR0011   Woman's 925 Sterling Silver with 750 18 K Yellow Gold Pinkish Tourmaline Ring..
sdfa443434   woman's onyx cappuccino earrings
qegh4rt65   Women Earring And Ring Set
5454646   Women Platinum Diamonds Art Deco Ring
POWN_2e   Women's 14k Gold Diamond Band
bufe27821   Women's 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
BARYYBAT_82   Women's Beautiful Diamond Pendant
gg4234   Women's diamond necklace
maq6df1298   Women's Double Diamond Row ring
sibb94w8h54b78n21f4323   Women's Ruby Ring
re239yje23123   Women's White gold Diamond ring
KHGFC   Womens 18k Yellow Gold Earrings
fyelsoep   Womens Open Link Yellow Gold Chain
10505bh   X Platinum Diamond ring
WEGR0001100   Xen Stainless Steel Round Diamond Push Back Earrings
WMP0023   Yankees Pendant
POP_RIPSMok   Yellow & White Gold Knot Earrings
32rg45ds   Yellow And Rose Gold Sandal with Diamonds and Rubies
656565656   Yellow and White Gold 14 K Claddagh Earrings
etnt4eq   Yellow and White Gold Solitary Diamond Ring
BEAUTRUBB-13   Yellow Gold Diamond and Natural Ruby Ring
t5ebabring   Yellow gold "L" Initial Ring Pendant
cgfrcsr3   Yellow gold "Y" initial
WMB0023   Yellow Gold & Stainless Steal Bangle Bracelet
baQo_124   Yellow Gold 2 Row Diamond Ring
fakyamethyst-   Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring
erT34re   Yellow Gold Ankle Diamond Bracelet
fewbi24f89   Yellow gold Cubic Zircon Unique Ring
VJwx56   Yellow Gold Cultured Pearls
wq312dias   Yellow Gold Diamond & Onyx Ring
18965877   Yellow gold diamond cross
fhj45   Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
kjncwoowio4   Yellow gold Diamond jubilee Men's ring
5re3mm   Yellow Gold Diamond Lucky Horseshoe Ring
56105   Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
WR02322337   Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Setting
bosse44   Yellow gold Flower Shaped Mabe Pearl Pin
9xde   Yellow Gold Gorgeous Cultured Japanese Pearl Necklace
esbkjwv78347   Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond Heart Pendant
youalreadykno   Yellow Gold Gorgeous Marquise Diamond Ring
bnllarring   Yellow Gold Hanging earrings
tripleheart   Yellow Gold Heart Pendant with Chain
322352452411   Yellow gold heart shape pendant with diamond and chain
ergrewwidth   Yellow Gold Lever back Diamond Earrings
yekllobnyx   Yellow Gold Onyx Earrings
105u0h   Yellow Gold Pearl Pendant
43253kk   Yellow gold ruby band
1560655639512   Yellow gold section diamond bracelet
vgkjewbb   Yellow Gold Star Of David Pendant
WP0028   Yellow Topaz Pendant
WB0025   Young Ladys 14k Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet (Greek Leaves Design)
AP0151555   Zealand Blue Sapphire Cuff links

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