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646cf59ihdude   Unisex Diamond White gold Ring
WR015747   Unisex Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
dffffffd   Unisex Movado Vizio Watch
7859325   Unisex pinky diamonds nugget fine ring
fhjtasad_qw   United states of America 5 Dollar Indian head half eagle
WMN0003   Versace Cross Pendant Necklace
664123   Very Beautiful Sterling silver Bangle Bracelet
ygjudsuiriuw32   Very Cute Diamond ring
bpwasfv   Very Cute Small Pendant Platinum Ring
12386518888   Very fine Mabe Pearl french clip earrings
WB0213   Vessel Setting Bracelet
1256564646   Victorian 1901's 10k Gold Pin
696186122   Victorian diamond and natural blue sapphire ring
pendanyt2   Victorian Era Gold Plated Pendant
21886532   Victorian platinum Colombian emerald ring
1641651551   Vinatage White 14k Gold Heart Pin/Pendant
WR021151   Vintage Engagement Ring
325345234234   Vintage 1.50 carat diamond pin
WR002108   Vintage 10 K Yellow Gold 4 Leaf Clover Pearl Pin.
e3jvw3232378   Vintage 10k yellow gold diamond ring
WR0042   Vintage 14 k White Gold Art Deco Ring
AP0002   Vintage 14 K White Gold Diamond Ribbon Pin
WR210   Vintage 14 K White Gold Diamond Ring
AP0001   Vintage 14 K White Gold Women Faced Cameo Pin
WR20009   Vintage 14 K Yellow Gold Synthetic Ruby Diamond Ring
Bfartsh   Vintage 14k Bracelet
34563444643   Vintage 14k diamond pin
109098889   Vintage 14k diamond ring
VINTA7834   Vintage 14k Diamond with Ivory stone
lospaaw   Vintage 14k Rose Gold Rubylite Pearl Ring
gwsdjemsgr   Vintage 14k Rose Gold Taiwan Jade
ewfwefrh5389   Vintage 14k Solid White Gold Gruen Watch
561156615   Vintage 14k Thimble
88181   vintage 14k white gold designed diamond ring
122986373   Vintage 14k white gold diamond & Italian sapphire ring
8900411111   Vintage 14k white gold diamond and emerald ring
ewfer4f54ucf   Vintage 14k White Gold Diamond and Pearl Ring
8475646784745   Vintage 14k white gold diamond earrings
415525425641111   Vintage 14k white gold diamond pearl earring
1227626   Vintage 14k white gold diamond ring
235225323235235   Vintage 14k white gold diamond ring
3243523525335   Vintage 14k white gold diamond ring
yahooodn3u2   Vintage 14k White Gold Diamond Sapphire
wdtyvg67gh   Vintage 14k White Gold Diamond Watch Band
3DIAs-   Vintage 14k White Gold Gorgeous Diamond Ring
BQSO-13B   Vintage 14k White Gold light blue star stone ring
WA0022   Vintage 14k White Gold Longines Diamond Watch
10148811010   Vintage 14k white gold multi color stone star ring
OBDWUI_23   Vintage 14k White Gold Necklace
18667543232   Vintage 14k white gold pearl and diamond ring
656546546546   Vintage 14k White Gold Pinky Ring
7894561285   Vintage 14k white gold rectangular tourmaline stone with diamonds
jhdftyk   Vintage 14k Yellow & White Gold Engagement Ring
yuprrye4366   Vintage 14k Yellow And White Gold Diamond Ring
527   Vintage 14k yellow and white gold ladies diamond ring
889984   Vintage 14k yellow gold baby carriage charm
cmaeodias   Vintage 14K Yellow Gold Cameo Brooch/Pendant
ewtgrrt   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Colored Enamel Diamond Fish ring
23411351354   Vintage 14k yellow gold cultured pearl ring
2345556566   Vintage 14k yellow gold diamond and sapphire ring
gdfsreer   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Emblem Ring
3453345345331   Vintage 14k yellow gold diamond ring
rth26iewqew   Vintage 14k yellow gold DIamond triangle pendant
fgjtjetcarve   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Flower Carved Flower Jade
riolktp   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Flower Emerald Ring
dsbkjce2351   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Natural Emerald Bangle Bracelet
vintgarold   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Natural Garnet Cross
cupop2   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Openable Designed Coffee Kettle
147799   vintage 14k yellow gold pin with pearls
768686   Vintage 14k yellow gold Thimble
sdertouqoise-   Vintage 14k yellow gold Turquoise Pendant
vintagw3f34   Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Waltham Diamond Pocket Watch
5426654225465642   Vintage 18k (750) white gold diamond pin
AP0006   Vintage 18k Gold Blue/Red Enameled & Diamond Beetle Pin
gdfhgdhjbd545454   Vintage 18k White Gold 1950's Sapphire Ring
1216161669   Vintage 18k yellow and white gold cuff links
leafyee   Vintage 18k Yellow and White Gold Diamond and ruby pin
135168681868   Vintage 18k yellow gold and platinum flower ring
25494949944   Vintage 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Butterfly Pin
hjturrge   Vintage 18k Yellow Gold Light Green Jade Ring
3242342342   Vintage 1930's Onyx and diamond ring
241632   Vintage 1940's Ceylon cabochon star sapphire ring
AP0020   Vintage 1945 Marcasite Flower Pin (925 Sterling Silver)
141861686521   Vintage 1946 Mexican 2 pesos coin pendant
1050989810   Vintage 1950's 14k yellow gold
54654564546   Vintage 1950's 14k Yellow Gold Cultured Pearls & Sapphire Pin
86187087044   Vintage 1950's diamond cultured pearl ring
WEE23041   Vintage 1960 Diamond Ring
WP0020   Vintage 1960 Italian Slider Necklace Pendant
WE5   Vintage 1960 Oval Amethyst and Pearl 14K Gold Earrings
WE0008   Vintage 1960 Pre- Owned 14K White Gold Pearl & Diamond Earrings
545454545   Vintage 1960's 14k White Gold Gold Diamond Pin
dgjsghjdshj545454   Vintage 1960's 14k Yellow Gold Mens Face Carved Onyx Ring
145655hgjghgh   Vintage 1960's 18k White Gold Diamond Ring
dfdf46s44sf25425s   Vintage 1960's 18k White Gold Diamond Ring
1519808081111   Vintage 1960's Beautiful diamond ring
17852962   Vintage 1960's Blue and Red enamel diamond ring
fucku5442   Vintage 1960's Mother Pearl Silver Bracelet
5454jgfhjbhj   Vintage 1970's 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
416545565   Vintage 1970's 14k Yellow Gold Ladies Diamond Ring
e34534   Vintage 1970's 14k Yellow Gold Ladies Diamond Ring
LMW000177   Vintage 1990's Swatch Swiss Water Resistant Wristwatch
WR0031222   Vintage 2 Carats Ring
32322242132   Vintage 2 tone diamond and ruby band
WR021314   Vintage 20 points Engagement Ring
WEE238488   Vintage 3 Diamond Ring
6516868   Vintage 3 row eternity band
WB0022   Vintage 4 Row Pearl Bracelet
WR021015   Vintage 5 Stone ring
WR015112450   Vintage 65 Points Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
113186186681618   Vintage 7 diamond yellow gold ring
WR0145477   Vintage 7 Stone Ladies Diamond Ring
kevvie238   Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Flower Open Bracelet
WR015115522   Vintage All-Round Diamond Ring
gorgewyw   Vintage Amber Sterling Silver Ring
WA2209   Vintage American Walhtham 14k Yellow Gold Pocket Watch
fnrrsasqw   Vintage American Waltham Watch
3434t   vintage approx 1945 18k yellow gold diamond cross
54456   Vintage approx 1945 light blue aquamarine 14 1/2 carat
263462145135413   Vintage Aquamarine diamond ring
66506065055511   Vintage art deco 14k white gold diamond onyx ring
WEE23098   Vintage Bark Amethyst Ring
1581699888   Vintage Beautiful deign diamond ring
rt5656tg   Vintage Beautiful Diamond And Emerald Ring
MLOAQ-AAS   Vintage Beautiful Diamond and Ruby Slide Pendant
bhnjib877   Vintage Beautiful Diamond Flower Ring
gfer4yh   Vintage beautiful Diamond Necklace
647y54654   Vintage Beautiful Diamond ring for womens
cgh6ty6789   Vintage Beautiful Double Flip Diamond Emerald Sapphire Pendant
drtg5rge34   Vintage Beautiful Double Flip Diamond Emerald Sapphire Pendant
6505656   Vintage Beautiful freshwater pearl earrings
134575684673673   Vintage Beautiful opal gold ring
687789   Vintage Beautiful platinum eternity wedding band
wewwe1   Vintage Birdie Couple Green tourmaline and Garnet Pin
WB0225419   Vintage Blue Sapphire Bangle Bracelet
WEE23007   Vintage Blue Sapphire Cabochon Ring
WR04626   Vintage Blue Sapphire Ring
245432111   Vintage blue topaz and diamond circle pin
drgrewdtry   Vintage British Sterling Silver Tray
WA0030   Vintage Bulova L1 14 K Solid Gold Watch. (Pre-Owned)
AT0003   Vintage Cameo Onyx Ring
WR0064   Vintage Cameo Ring
WP00794163   Vintage Carriage Charm
WR0002   vintage Carved Rubellite Ring
AP033311   Vintage Cat Emerald Pin
MR011211   Vintage Ceylon Star Sapphire Ring
WR0044155   Vintage Chinese Jade Ring
1340-842232   vintage Circle diamond pin
4156156565   Vintage Cock Tail 14k White Gold Diamond Ring
1697168   Vintage cocktail 14k white gold
citizenwartch   Vintage Collection Citizen Elegance
fdree2watch   Vintage Collection Dufonte by Lucien Piccard Watch
WA0005   Vintage Concord Swiss Made Open Face Pocket Watch
WR011155   Vintage Cultured Pearl Ring
WR022636   Vintage Designed Gold Ring
15689889720   Vintage diamond & natural blue sapphire ring
mensringsaa   Vintage Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Unisex Ring
1005506070804   Vintage Diamond and cultured pearl ring
4465564654   Vintage diamond and onyx ring
54976743334   vintage diamond and pearl earring clip on (non pierced)
2342115345   Vintage diamond and pearl earrings
544515123111113   Vintage Diamond and pearl pendant
5806466   Vintage diamond and pearl pendant
178444444851   Vintage diamond and pearl ring
1506510   Vintage diamond and ruby belt ring
150113111141805764   vintage diamond band
2343423455543   Vintage diamond bell pendant
62424562546564   Vintage diamond Belt ring
112abc   Vintage Diamond Colombian Cabochon Light Green Ring
061511118188008   Vintage diamond gold ring
0164128   Vintage Diamond Heart 14k White Gold Necklace/Pendant
gotem34i   Vintage Diamond Natural Ruby Ring
WN0025   Vintage Diamond Pearl Necklace
52546456262562   Vintage Diamond pearl clip on earrings
eyui2yytuu4   Vintage Diamond Ring
155058888   Vintage diamond ring with pearls
pinsapphire23   Vintage Diamond, Sapphire Platinum Pin and Pendant
AP00151   Vintage Dog Pin
AP0335   Vintage Donkey Pin
jlqllceba   Vintage E.Howard watch co. Pocket watch
123458   Vintage Elgin 14k Gold Pocket Watch
5105611101   Vintage emerald and diamond hanging earrings
WR021177   Vintage Emerald Cabochon Diamond Ring
WMP211551   Vintage Emerald Cross Pendant
WR10717   Vintage Engagement Ring
WR0014478   Vintage Eternity Blue Sapphire Ring
243686368   Vintage eternity wedding band
116562626   Vintage Eye Glass Frames and Case
1650114   Vintage Flower diamond and black enamel ring
WP0557   Vintage Flower Pendant/Pin
86533562   Vintage Flower shaped diamond cocktail ring
14Geramny   Vintage Germany Made (800) Sterling Silver Tray Set
WR02196   Vintage Globe Ring
swdvwevtn   Vintage Gold Plated Pocket Knife
wowrearring   Vintage Gorgeous Aquamarine Earrings
yuppewbu34   Vintage Gorgeous Multi Color Stone Pin
vdt273yqwlhf   Vintage Green onyx pin
WR78147   Vintage Green Tourmaline Ring
eggucci   Vintage GUCCI Gold Plated Watch

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