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opaluyret7   Natural opal Diamond Earring
WMP1031   Natural Oval Jade Pendant
WMP10841   Natural Oval Lavender Jade Pendant
WR01102236   Natural Oval Red Star Ring
WE90210   Natural Oval Ruby & Diamond Earrings.
EFGGH   Natural Pear Mixed Cut Emerald
12010255   Natural pink sapphire diamond ring
1487896543   Natural Round Ruby Cross Pendant
WEE23005   Natural Round Ruby Engagement Ring
rgryhyiklq54   Natural Round Ruby Ring
507897887   Natural ruby and diamond golden ring
588588   Natural Ruby heart earring
WR0066   Natural Ruby Ring
WE0501   Natural Ruby Studs Jacket Earrings
SWF   Natural Sapphire 18k Yellow Gold Ring
gtyipiju   Natural Tourmaline Pear Cabochon
LOa_sk   New 925 Silver pen set
thdrtdrhr   New York Police Detective Yellow Gold Ring
NYC1319   New York Yellow Gold Pendant
newjersyyymn   NJ Initial Diamond Ring
5666   Novell platinum eternity blue diamonds
35656565654   Nugget 14k Mens Yellow Ring
546545654   Nugget Mens Diamond 14k Yellow Ring
LW0013   Omega Constellation Wristwatch
WN0452   One diamond Stein Co. Necklace
WB0012   Onyx and Garnet Sterling Silver Bracelet
WS0001   Onyx Cabochon Set
WE1006   Onyx Diamond Earrings
MR022514   Onyx Diamond Gold Ring
MR022515   Onyx Diamond Gold Ring
071887   Opal and Diamond Pendant
85109   Opal and Diamond Pendant
75551568   Opal and diamond white gold ring
WMB01626   Open bangle Cuff Bracelet
3232932939323   Open circle diamond pendant with chain
WR07456   Open Clover Ring
WR015112447   Open Diamond Ring
75dfes5   Open Heart Diamond Pendant
WNP1611223   Open Heart Diamond Pendant
WEE23045   Open Heart Ring
WR0037474   Open Heart Ring
WNP05230   Open Heart Two Row Pendant Necklace
WN022159   Open Link Yellow Gold Chain
WB01984   Open Square Two Tone Bracelet
WR0468722   Orange Tourmaline Ring
WEORB013   Orbital Designed 14K Yellow Gold Earrings
786732752752   Oris mens watch
89734dsbkj   Our Lady Of Guadalupe Pray For Us Yellow Gold Pendant
WE03024   Oval Amethyst Diamond 14 K Yellow Gold Earrings
WR0015   Oval Blue Topaz Ring
WR0071   Oval Chinese Jade Ring
WMB011311   Oval Emerald Bracelet
WR01102333356   Oval Emerald Diamond Ring
WE2001   Oval Garnet Earrings
WR078261   Oval London Blue Ring
WE1000   Oval Natural Ruby Earrings
3rrhrta   Oval Natural Ruby Yellow Gold Ring
WE1005   Oval Opal Earrings
WR0111   Oval Turquoise Ring
WEE23848   Owl Black Star Ring
QLOAH1002   Palladium ​Sapphire Cabochon Pendant
yhtuubas34   Pandora Charm Bracelet
MR00252   Pave Nugget Ring
WE0100   Peacock Earrings
AP01511   Peacock Enamel Pin
WP0029   Pear Amethyst Pendant
WP0204   Pear Shape Amethyst Pendant
015080   Pear shape diamond ring
WR0551511   Pear Shape Diamond Ring
12765   Pear shape insert ring
WE0506   Pear Shape Jade Gold Earrings
WN0101   Pear Shape Sapphire Bar Link
WE00200   Pear Shaped Aqua Marine & Diamond 14 Yellow Gold Earrings
WER1   Pearl & Cuban Zircon 18 K Yellow Gold Clip on Earrings
mbbbttaa   Pearl & Natural Ruby Earrings
688754666   Pearl Eaarings
WR02368   Pearl Ruby Ring
WP1481637   Pearl Shape Black Onyx Pendant
WP048369   Pearl Shape London Blue Pendant(w/ Chain)
WEE23062   Pearls Gold Ring
cfarewguioen   Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pen
5640_qwyu   Pencorder Machina
WR0231545   Peridot Claddagh
5dvs546dvf   Peridot Diamond ring
eew54dgf754   Peridot ring
wtfudkwadis   Piaget Watch Movement Part
gdeyhff   Pierre Cardin Mechanical Pencil
heheh23i8   Pink And Yellow gold Carousel Pendant
WMB0110   Pink Citrine Bracelet
WR0110   Pink Sapphire Engagement Heart Ring
WP20117   Pink Topaz Pendant(w/ chain)
16565   Pink tourmaline pendant with diamonds
WEE23036   Pinky Diamond Ring
156dfew   Platinum "for you" Diamond ring
056h   Platinum & 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
688168   platinum (900) dimaond wedding band
66886   platinum (900) onyx pendant
es656re   Platinum Amethyst Diamond ring
WN0009   Platinum and 18 K Yellow Gold Butterfly Necklace (With Diamonds and Multi-Colored Gemstones)
WR0020   Platinum and 18K Gold Engagement Ring 6 Prong
2345546454   Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold Diamond ring
WR0231548   Platinum and Gold Ring Set
6565665   Platinum black diamonds eternity
d54dadsw   Platinum Blue Diamond ring
715481   Platinum Diamond Ring
66115   Platinum diamond and natural blue oval sapphire
45rydhft56   Platinum Diamond band
dgfdgfdf561546   Platinum Diamond Band
rett554666   Platinum Diamond band
tgtg45   Platinum Diamond Band
546412drgfkevo   Platinum Diamond Belt
1513252sdf   Platinum Diamond Belt Ring
54154dsgrs   Platinum Diamond Engagement
df46ddf32423   Platinum Diamond Engagement ring
kkk230c   Platinum Diamond Engagement ring
5168   Platinum diamond eternity wedding band
5616876   Platinum diamond eternity wedding band
kkk54   Platinum Diamond Heart
05461561yupie   Platinum Diamond Ring
06651lk   Platinum Diamond ring
7p7popo546   Platinum Diamond Ring
98875721   Platinum diamond ring
rqefq14445456klev   Platinum Diamond ring
vgncdhfdrgf56   Platinum Diamond ring
yootuubabe767   Platinum Diamond Ring
18165889-1-*   Platinum diamond snake ring
0516156crapsh   Platinum Diamond X
yupyyy23ed   Platinum Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire ring
7999851981   Platinum Engagement Ring
daeg34   Platinum Eternity Diamond And Sapphire Band
WR55647--   Platinum Eternity Diamond Ring
155888   platinum eternity diamond wedding band
6168168   platinum eternity diamond wedding band
1365798   Platinum Eternity Straight Diamonds
1878   platinum eternity wedding band
BAR01   Platinum Moon Stone Baby Ring Pendant
46erqewass   Platinum Natural Blue Sapphire ring
541058   Platinum Natural Ruby Band
987465321   Platinum pearl ring
TGGD6G4DG64G6   Platinum Princess Cut Diamond Ring
175481540   Platinum Ruby
10569684gfgfdfdfdfds   Platinum Single Diamond ring
61561   platinum straight baguette ring
051551   Platinum Tiffany and co. chain
7755   platnium (900) diamond band
51515   platnium diamond wedding band
258963   platnium eternity diamond band
pianne1358567   Platnium princess cut stud earrings
Giant2plater   POSEN (800) Sterling Silver Hanging Platter
21546551   Praying Hands 14 K Yellow Gold Charm
WA0014   Pre-Owned 10 KT Rolled Gold Plated Bulova Watch
WR0049   Pre-Owned Ladies 18K Two Tone Gold Diamond Baraka Ring
WB0024   Pre-Owned Pandora " Sweet Niece" Charm Bracelet
WB0005   Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet In Sterling SIlver
49685   Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co Tag 18K Yellow Gold Chain
5455656   Pre-Owned Tiffany & Co Tag Platinum Chain
Lodjenjd   PRECIOUS 14k White Gold Diamond Gold Topaz
cvmwixz   President watch
690151819811   Prestige Quartz watch
ME0004   Princess cut Diamond Single Earring
WE00302   Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings
WR0207   Princess Cut Engagement Ring
WR0213   Princess Cut Engagement Ring
WE00300   Princess Cut Yellow Diamond Earrings
WPP0001   Puerto Rico Flag Pendant
ewwef32234   Purple Tanzanite Diamond ring
WP2002   Purse Diamond Pendant Necklace
bruh267fqwwewe   Push Back Diamond white gold earrings
mokihn78r6621   Push Back Diamond white gold earrings
lalaldiadialdc   Push Back Earrings 14k Yellow Gold
RIPMSEy-21   Pushback Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings
WA2030400   Rado Cupola Two Tone Black Dial and Bezel Watch
chcuhc2054of   Rado DiaStar Watch
WA0016   Rado Diastar Watch. *Water Resistant* 885840
WR187936   Rare Green Tourmaline Stone Ring
WA00015   Raymond Weil Geneve 18 K Gold Electroplated 10M Watch
WA0004   Raymond Weil Geneve Coliseum Men's Watch (18 K Gold Electroplated)
WW03231115   Raymond Weil Geneve Tango Watch
8888555   Raymond Weil Geneve watch
6416546516565   Raymond Weil Geneve Womans 2 Toned Gold Plated Watch
LMW0050   Raymond Weil Ladies wristwatch
2656654662565   Raymond Weil Unisex Stainless Steel Ceramic Gold Tone Swiss Quartz Model 9983
58578   Raymond Weil watch
ebdav   Raymond Weil Watch
5132056   Raymond Weil Women Watch
nnethwat   Reaction Kenneth Cole Watch
16686868   Rectangular amethyst pendant and diamonds with chain
c78kjwzw   Red African Ruby 14k yellow gold Necklace with Pendant
bsdoieskm   Red Brown Flower Jade
starrednice   Red Star Stone Diamond Ring
2362312324545   Renato Men's Collezioni Limited Edition Stainless Steel Watch
ercoinsgf   REPUBLICA DE CUBA 5 Pesos
cuasbsckcsw   REPUBLICA DE CUBA Cinco Pesos 1916
4536363456   Repulique Francaise 22k yellow gold coin
WMP1065   Rhombus Diamond Pendant
wtfdia4766   Richard & Co Stainless Steel Watch with Diamonds
WMC00221   Roller Skate Charm

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