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hjfouainoon   Krone Fountain Pen 18k Gold
WB0001   Ladies 14 k White Gold Tennis Bracelet
WP0011   Ladies 14 K Yellow Gold Marble Pearl Diamond Heart Pendant
WR0038   Ladies 14 K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring
WN00987   Ladies 14K white Gold Diamond Necklace
125467985415   Ladies 14k White Gold Pear Shape Necklace
67854543   Ladies 14k yellow gold blue topaz ring
LR0015   Ladies 18 K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
FB0012   Ladies 18k Dual tone Bracelet
WA00011   Ladies 18K Gold Christian Dior Wristwatch
WR0044   Ladies 18k Yellow Gold Coral Cuban Zircon Ring
WR0045   Ladies 925 Silver 14K Gold Trillion Blue Topaz Ring
WB0014   Ladies Black Diamond Bangle Bracelet
MWR00512   Ladies Blue Topaz Ring
WA00013   Ladies Bulova T1 Water Resistant Stainless Steel Wristwatch
5454545445   Ladies Burberry Wrist Watch
16   Ladies Colombian Emerald Diamond Ring 14k white gold
5065065   Ladies Concord Tank watch
WNP0037   Ladies David Yurman Cable Buckle Necklace. (925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold)
WMB0160   Ladies Diamond Bracelet
WR0151637   Ladies Diamond Ring
WR0009   Ladies Diamond Vintage Art Deco Ring (Pre-Owned)
Lw001   Ladies JAEGER-LECOULTRE (18k Gold Watch)
WMB01609   Ladies Kisses and Heart Diamond Bracelet
1089-89-   Ladies Mariner SG watch
56686669   ladies Movado watch
WR0047   Ladies Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Ring. (14k Yellow Gold)
ERR1   Ladies Two Tone Diamond Drop Down Hanging Earrings
WW021155   Ladies Vintage Bulova Watch
WR3   Ladies Vintage Diamond 14k White Gold Ring
gfbvlavasch   Lady Face Italian Yellow & White Gold Ring
WP02119   Lady Face Medallion Pendant
dudeds6d6   Lady's Face On The Ring With Diamonds
sappysetwetri   Lady's Sapphire & Diamond Ring And Earring set
WB0225421   Lapis Lazuli Bangle Bracelet
WE0027   Lavender jade Gold Earrings
WMB0633   Leaf Clover Two Tone Bracelet
WS0222112   Leaf Gold Earrings and Pendant Set
WN0005   Leaf Like Carved Colombian Emerald and Diamond Pendant. (Rare)
187528262177158218-   Leaf ruby and diamond pendant
06   leaf with hearts and emeralds
shhgshjdgshjds544545   Lecoultre Vacheron Constantin Galaxy Mystery Dial 14K White Gold Diamond Watch
siiyeh496   Letter "E" Diamond Gold ring
WR015112449   Letter "J" Manuscript Ring
LOAVBQ   Lever back 14k Yellow Gold Earrings
WR011023333   Light Emerald Engagement Ring
WNP05263   Lincoln Diamond Pendant
MR0001   Linden Gemstone Diamond Ring
WR01102235   Linden Star Ring
98828282.   Lindy blue star sapphire ring
2134801230410927902   lindy star sapphire with diamonds ring
WMP6063   Lion Ruby Pendant
bdirlockca   Locman Italian Made Chronograph Watch
dfderstonyblu-   London Blue 14k Yellow Gold Diamonds Ring
ST0001   London Blue Topaz and Diamond Earring and Necklace Set
54rdrf5454   London Blue Topaz Diamond ring
89891   London blue topaz with diamonds (December birthstone)
dghsgsgjushkj54545   Longines Admiral 18k Yellow Gold Automatic Admiral Watch
prlocuew   LOVE Diamond Pendant
heartlovehreen   Love Heart Shape Diamond Emerald
156160115   Love Pendant
Beetle1   Lovely 22k Yellow Gold Beetle Pendant
gfhgjshjhsj55645   Lucien Piccard 14k White Gold Diamond Dial Watch
WW0155557   Lucien Piccard Gold Watch
1616516588   Lucky diamond horse shoe ring
PLWDS-1   Lucky Pearl Pendant
WE1222336   M. Lowe Citrine and Amethyst Earrings
WE0023   Mabe Oval Pearl Earrings
WE0016   Mabe Pearl earrings
WP02215521   Mabe Pearl Heart Pendant
WEE2351   Mabe Pearl Ring
kev147852   Malachite stone and Mother pearl diamond ring
1254881   Man made blue sapphire French clip
WE1327   Marbel Pearl Earrings
WE1004   Marquise Amethyst Earrings
111155655   Marquise onyx and diamond ring
WE202348   Marquise Sapphire Diamond Earrings
WE0508   Marquise Sapphire Earrings
WE0507   Marquise Shape Natural Ruby Earrings
WR0069   Marquise Style Ring
568685-89   Mathey Tissot watch
54654654654   Mathey Tissot Ladies Stainless Steel Watch
AWAE-W   Men & Women's Diamond Ring Set
MR000578   Men's 14 K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring (Vintage 1970's)
MR0005   Men's 18 K Yellow Gold Onyx & Diamond Ring
WA0024   Men's Daniel Mink Wrist Watch (Stain Steel Back)
650015150   Men's Diamond bracelet
jbdsfkjbg89q2   Men's Diamond Signet ring
AP01002   Men's Dunhill tie clip
bdgdg54564321645   Men's Dunhill tie clip
JHOPOL   Men's Silver & Yellow Gold Ring
NASBUEBS34   Men's Special designed Diamond ring
MR00120   Men's Vintage 1960's 18K White Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring
hdb23rxcf734   Men's Yellow Gold Diamond ring
23354fw4cvjzxcdfs   Mens 14k white gold diamond ring
MR0011   Mens Blue Natural Sapphire Ring
rert54renyry   Mens Diamond 14k White Gold Bracelet
610950102332897   Mens diamond ‚Äčopen Cuban link bracelet
41424562635312   Mens diamond ring
998789   Mens diamond ring
3478b   Mens Gold Diamond Ring
984428   Mens Invisible Set Diamond Ring
32141423523   Mens Lindy blue star sapphire diamond ring
123697562   Mens Nugget 14k Yellow Gold 3 Diamond Ring
Bolpsfv   Mens Onyx 14k Yellow Gold ring
16515255   Mens Pinky 14k Yellow Gold Ring
pckmensad   Mens Rose Gold Pinky Ring
2366564515   Mens Special Pinky 14k Yellow Gold Ring
4679132856   Mens Two Tone 14k Diamond Yellow Ring
2871936585   Mens18k Yellow Diamond Ring
WN200115   Metro Curl Round and Oval Link Necklace
typpo21   Mexican Silver Coin keychain
kebbiewussy342   Micky Mouse ID Bracelet
WR0050   Milgrain Comfort fit wedding bands
COCKy33ds   Mini Cocktail Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
ebgjepinssfr   Montblanc Meisterstuck 14k Gold Fountain Pen
shibxspkapen   Montblanc Meisterstuck Burgundy Ballpoint
12hudhew   Montblanc Meisterstuck no. 161 Burgundy Ballpoint Pen
WA621113   Montblanc Meisterstuck Watch
WE0686   Moon Earrings
718822800550   Moonstone with diamonds and natural blue sapphires ring
WN0222147   Moraco 1950 Turquoise Silver Necklace
REWOIHRT   Mother & Daughter Yellow & Pink Gold Pendant
WP02119221   Mother Heart Open Locket Pendant
motheestpo   Mother Pearl French Clip Earrings
065165   Movado Esperanza Watch
WE0222159   Movado Gold Earrings
movadooito-   Movado Men's Watch
WA0M01V   Movado Stainless Steel Swiss Made Diamond Bezel Watch
59898984   Movado women's watch
6555555555555555   multi color enamel butterfly pendant
779871--   multi color stone and diamond ring
34214231121212   Multi color stone belly piercing
484884   Multi color stone diamond ring
AP00484   Multi color Stone Pin
beiwb3ecolor   Multi Color Stone Yellow Gold Bracelet
ewflongd   Multi Colored Diamond Pendant
ST0005   Multi Colored Flower Designed Diamond Bracelet & Necklace Set (18K)
bruv34666   Multi Gold color ID bracelet
234134   Multi gold diamond bracelet
14356454524   Multi gold diamond pendant
53333333333333   multi gold omega back earrings
qmdmyjifsbg   Multi Gold Tone Lucky Horseshoe Pendant
124432   Multi gold Treble clef diamond pendant
11111778178   Multi gold trio sets
6251551   Multi gold unisex diamond bracelet
2122564   Multi natural color stones and diamond ring
186466   Multi Tone 18k yellow Gold Ring & Earring Set
10158990909090   Multi tone diamond ring
59659*59   multi tone double sided diamond cross
179956505118   Multi tone gold AVA diamond fish ring
butteflyyws   Multi Tone Gold Butter Fly Necklace
yippes   Multi tone Gold Childrens Bracelet
4543455232222111   Multi tone gold Cubic zircon hinged hoop earrings
1578516   Multi tone gold diamond cross pendant
DUBS_AA   Multi Tone Gold Diamond Ring
sef34seve   Multi tone Gold Diamond ring
87811   Multi Tone Gold Eternity Diamond Band
gkabf33   Multi Tone Gold hoop Earrings
reiniren34   Multi Tone Gold Necklace
118888888888888888888888   Multi Tone Gold Owl Pendant With 2 Rubies
ayey283c   Multi Tone Gold Single Diamond Ring
231161681681681----55   multi tone gold slide diamond pendant
125511   Multi tone gold trinity ring
weere8321   Multi Tone Heart Dolphin Pendant
bubkdml   Multi Toned Gold Flower Necklace
wdbjoflower   Multi Toned Gold Flower Ring
WN0002   Multi-Colored Gemstone, With Carved Face Turquoise Pendant
WR02387   Multicolor Jade Ring
WMP6021   Multicolor Natural jade 14K Yellow Gold Pendant
WE0500   Multicolor Stone Hoop Earrings
WN0301   Multicolor Stone Necklace
WN0200   Music Note Necklace
WR011022322   Mystic Topaz Ring
QOIWBI   Natural Amethyst 14k Yellow Gold
414254753   Natural amethyst cabochon diamond ring
0560lmnb   Natural Aquamarine Diamond ring
6011447   Natural Blue Australian Sapphire Diamond ring
119819918   Natural blue Oval sapphire diamond X bracelet
235235255345   Natural blue sapphire and diamond ring
WMB0161   Natural Blue Sapphire Bracelet
WB05564   Natural Blue Sapphire Diamond Bracelet
1498ewewq   Natural Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring
48686868   Natural blue sapphire flower ring
WR2000   Natural Blue Sapphire Ring
3645231111   Natural blue sapphire with diamonds necklace
WEE23003   Natural Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring
XDSX   Natural Corundum Ruby Loose Gem
199--55   Natural dark blue sapphire bangle bracelet
gfhsrb54   Natural Freshwater Pearl Pendant
greennatruralrig   Natural Green Tourmaline 18k Yellow Gold Ring
WE0470   Natural Jade Hand Sculpted Earrings
WE0471   Natural Jade Hand Sculpted Earrings
WE0473   Natural Jade Hand Sculpted Gray Earrings
WE2096   Natural Jade Hanging Earrings
WEE0032   Natural Jade White Gold earrings
ereytrvxdzv   Natural Lavender Jade Earrings
98794   Natural Navy Blue Sapphire Marquise Diamond Ring

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