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23536532   Beautiful Vintage diamond and ruby ring
235153453423   Beautiful vintage diamond cocktail ring
1244235344   BEAUTIFUL vintage diamond earrings
2314335   Beautiful vintage Diamond opal ring
yuperyy2   Beautiful Vintage Diamond Platinum ring
112217653535   Beautiful vintage diamond ring
116501151115118   Beautiful Vintage Diamond Ring
16818808   Beautiful vintage diamond white gold ring
reggre6g5434   Beautiful Vintage Opal Diamond Ring
rgetepoovkyu   Beautiful Vintage Waltham Pocket watch
3223453   Beautiful Vintage‚Äč Tavannes diamond watch
ew4gh6235   Beautiful Wedding Band Set
hellcrosw   Beautiful White and Yellow Gold Diamond Cross
fe7u823hw211   Beautiful White gold Blue Topaz Diamond ring
whfuyef8g21   Beautiful White Gold Cultured Pearls With Diamonds
ringnices   Beautiful White Gold Diamond Engagement ring
helloputasexc   Beautiful White gold Diamond Ring
yhtju341dse   Beautiful White Gold diamond ring
londonbluyd   Beautiful White Gold London Blue Pendant With Diamonds
21wDEDE   Beautiful White Gold Moonstone Ring
wisctresz   Beautiful White Gold Vintage Diamond Emerald Ring
56eqhjmfc   Beautiful Yellow Gold Colored stones
519811117   Beautiful yellow gold diamond earrings
5468kljyu   Beautiful Yellow Gold Diamond Flower Ring
gtr54342   Beautiful Yellow gold Emerald Diamond Ring
23gr   Beautiful Yellow gold Eternity Band
yooamneevill   Beautiful Yellow Gold Ruby Bird Pin
975077711   Beautifully designed diamond ring
easyehb4   Beautifully Made 18k White Gold Diamond Ring
rnwr5   Beautifully Made Turtle Ruby Yellow & White Gold Ring
LMW022321   Becker M&Co watch
45855656   Benchmark 14k Yellow Gold & Plat Ring
WR02115   Benchmark Two Tone Ring
eht433dfx   Big cross Yellow Gold Pendant
1328874   Big Open Diamond Circle double chain necklace
yoodb   BILL BLASS Women's Watch
WS0012   Black and White Zircon Gold Set
WP0214   Black Enamel Cross
5234132323   Black onyx diamond ring
WE2030   Black Onyx Hoop Earrings
ghghfhf545454   Black Rhodium 925 Sterling Silver CZ Core Lock Hoop Earrings
tftgdsg6565   Black Rhodium 925 Sterling Silver CZ Core Lock Hoop Earrings
WR015477   Black Star Sapphire Ring
54546dfsfuv   Blue Diamond Platinum Ring
WR0102   Blue Diamond Ring
3232443212121   Blue lindy star sapphire and diamond ring
WB0225422   Blue sapphire and Diamond Bangle Bracelet
605081   Blue sapphire and diamond cocktail ring
WE2000   Blue Sapphire and Natural Ruby Earrings
WR3000   Blue Sapphire Cabochon Ring
WR0660   Blue Sapphire Channel Setting Ring
WE03311144   Blue Sapphire Diamond Earrings
byvhj2389juveve   Blue Sapphire Diamond ring
WS0221551   Blue Sapphire Earrings and Pin Set
WE2003   Blue Sapphire Flower earrings
1565616565   Blue Sapphire Leaf Color 14k Gold Pin
WP0022   Blue Sapphire Pendant
WMP6066   Blue Topaz Check Board Cut Pendant
WMB3611   Blue Topaz Diamond Bracelet
KMJNJNJ   Blue topaz Diamond Silver Ring
grkivftopazzio   Blue Topaz Marquise Diamond Pendant
WE2002   Blue Topaz Marquise Earrings
WP0071   Blue Topaz Pendant
WMP06331   Blue Topaz Slide Pendant
186606868   Borel cocktail watch
WE0502   Bow Sapphire Diamond Earrings
AP003322111   Bow Tie Pin
889--   Boxer watch
WMP1026   Boxing Glove Pendant
gmyu8532   Braided Style Diamond Ring
8861---4   Bridal setting ring
55474574   Bulgari New York Limited Edition Watch.
WA0010   Bulgari New York Limited Edition Watch.
86519-   Bulova Accutron 18K Yellow Gold Case Vintage Watch
LMW02611   Bulova Accutron Wristwatch
deepdeppoce   Bulova Caravelle Deep Sea Diver Watch
WW0010   Bulova L1 Gold wristwatch
WMN0005   Burnished Pave necklace
dnerj6tk   Butterfly 14k Yellow Gold Earrings
WMB0111   Butterfly Bracelet
WP201797   Butterfly Diamond Pendant(w/ chain)
WMP5133   Butterfly slide Pendant
gtg54d   Bvlgari 18k yellow gold and stainless steel cufflinks
coolde412   Bvlgari Bulgari B Zero-1 Wide 18k Yellow Gold Band Ring
131666111451   cable chain
8816   Cabochon onyx diamond earrings and ring set
WP208947   Cabochon Ruby Laite Pendant
WR0060   Cabochon Ruby Laite Ring
WP0205   Camafeo Pendant
RP02112   Caravaca Two Sided Cross Pendant
WNP09631   Carlo Viani Turquoise Pendant
WR0105   Carlo Viani Turquoise Tanzanite Ring
54646hggfgfg   Carnelian Beads Gold Necklace
eahhrjtu   Cartier Black Lacquer & Gold Plated '90 Lighter
QUQDK   Carved Cornalina Ring
WP0213   Checkboard Cut Amethyst Pendant
WR0231   Checkboard Cut Ring
AP00300   Chinese Dragon 18k White Gold Pin & Pendant with Yellow Diamonds
WMB0162   Chinese Jade Round Bracelet
23132531414323   Chocolate diamond and emerald necklace
WP0023   Christ Head Pendant
3562053053   Citizen Elegance watch
WE0013   Claddagh Dual Tone Earrrings
sehartcladahgg   Claddagh Two Tone Earring
WE0222158   Claddagh white Gold Earrings
WR0500   Cobblestone Ring
WR01511262   Cocktail 1.61 Carats Diamond Ring
WR015115   Cocktail Diamond Ring
dfsb   Collectible Avange Retard 18k Yellow Gold Pocket Watch
LMW0010   Collection Bulova Accutron Watch
6023130   Colombian emerald and diamond tennis bracelet
WB0021   Colombian Emerald Bracelet
WP0553   Colombian Emerald Pendant
MR0003   Comfort-Fit Handmade 18k and Platinum Wedding Band Ring
LW003   Concord Black Face Sapphire Dial 18 K Gold Watch
yoocat   Concord Machine Watch Part
XCOSS   Concord Watch Movement
1161651   Confirmation 14 K Yellow Gold Charm
BAW3ewdq   Couple Holding Hands Pendant
WA00012   Credit Suisse 999.9 Fine Gold Wrist Watch.
WNP1611224   Cross Diamond Pendant
WMP0009   Cross with Robe Pedant
crownnsw   Crown Diamond Ring
WR0210155   Crown Ring
WHP1006   Cruiser Motorcycle Pendant
WP04212   Cuban Zircon Cross Pendant
WP04214   Cuban Zircon Cross Pendant
WP04219   Cuban Zircon Cross Pendant
WE2006   Cuban Zircon Star Earrings
rgjdrtfdrfe   Cubic Zircon 14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings
77776553433   Cubic zircon key necklace
pearoldyfak   Cubic Zircon Yellow Gold Earrings
dfgdfgd5435646464   Cuff Mesh 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet
541515451   Culture Pearl Ladies 14k Yellow Gold Ring
WN0024   Cultured Pearl and Open Pendant Necklace
WMB4513   Cultured Pearl Bracelet
WMB4519   Cultured Pearl Bracelet
WR0040211   Cultured Pearl Diamond Ring
pearlystone   Cultured Pearl Earrings
WE0025   Cultured Pearl Earrings
dyu547822a34   Cultured Pearl Necklace
WMP15134455   Cultured Pearl Necklace
oiiyvtestghj   Cultured Pearl Yellow Gold Earring
dsg4srubys   Cultured Pearls with Diamonds and a Heart Ruby Necklace
dkatnjy   Cute Baby Bird Ruby & Diamond Pin
252134554   Cute designed diamond ring
52353267   Cute Diamond Flower pendant with chain
312321548   Cute diamond pendant with chain
diammma   Cute Womens Diamond Ring
tyh4raefb   Cute Yellow Gold Bow Pearl Earrings
uyfr87yukjj   Cute Yellow Gold Clover Pendant
WE1328   Cuture Pearl Non-Pierced Earrings
LMW0526   D'Mario Swiss Wristwatch
rebhrtw   Dangling yellow Gold Pearl Earrings
DS-sssd   Dark Blue Sapphire Yellow Gold Pendant
WB005   David Yurman 18 K Yellow Gold & 925 Sterling Silver Crossover Cuff Bracelet
23eyh56   David Yurman Blue Topaz silver and gold ring
WB0300   David Yurman Classic Cable Bracelet
WR0503   David Yurman Smoke Topaz Ring
WMB0050   David Yurman Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet
WR0043   Deep Blue Square Sapphire & Diamond Ring. (14 K White Gold)
WE076419   Design Gold Hoop Earrings
WR00594412   Designed 40 Points Gold Ring
WBS023336155   Designed Antique Finish Wedding Band Ring Set
7587645645333   Designed diamond ring
WR0039477   Designed Diamond Ring
ER2569227   Designed Earrings
BB0001   Designed Gold Belt Buckle
WR0151488   Designed Pave Diamond Ring
535487   Designed Sterling Silver Amethyst & Blue Topaz
8923byiq   Designer Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Ring
SETP0000220120   Designer Piece 18 K Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl Jewelry Set. (Ring, Earrings,Pendant))
6rty65y   Diamond Earring stud Screw Back
5460ryoue   Diamond "E'" Initial Pendant
16158881978   Diamond "J" initial pendant with chain
Studihpis   Diamond & Natural Emeralds Stud Earrings
hdieoe   Diamond & Natural Sapphire Bismarck Chain
hjvd6u67   Diamond & Onyx 14k Yellow Gold Ring
2456725425625365   Diamond & ruby heart shape pendant with chain
18659877   Diamond & ruby necklace
dfs5re54t4tjuil5623   Diamond 14k white gold cross pendant
bdvhfj57848934rtygu   Diamond 14k White gold Mens Ring
tusabe875   Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Engagement ring
yoolooi56   Diamond and a Pear Shaped Green Tourmaline Pendant
fge32h65refe   Diamond and blue Sapphire lever back earrings
4635235   Diamond and blue sapphire screw back earrings platinum (950)
niceemarldsase   Diamond and emerald tennis bracelet 14k yellow gold
241445245245   Diamond and flower shaped opals
834347532673232   Diamond and heart shaped ring
342752442621111   Diamond and light blue topaz pendant with chain
dgdsapphiredc   Diamond and Natural Blue Sapphire Ring
greendiasds   Diamond and Natural Light Green White Gold Ring
1311883383-   Diamond and onyx heart shape ring
13212089   Diamond and onyx men's bracelet
16661111151515156   Diamond and opal ring
yoooobtue23   Diamond and Pearl Pendant
11811616611558   Diamond and pearl ring
regrjukxc   Diamond And Pink Tourmaline Charm Bracelet

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