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8798984   22k yellow gold cubic zircon flower
yellA11B   22k Yellow Gold Diamond earrings
nihhjb   22k Yellow Gold Diamond Swirl Pendant
DSAQQ   22k Yellow Gold Heart Pendant
BHSKIA   22k Yellow Gold Natural Carved Blue Sapphire
CZBAE   22k Yellow gold Tree Earring
15484   24k (999) yellow gold double sided Chinese pendant
55   24k yellow gold (9999) Chinese snake pendant
sdbTilibirty   24k Yellow Gold American Liberty Mini Medal Necklace
7898191   24k yellow gold jade ring
WR021921   28 Points Engagement Ring
MR00200   3 Carats Diamond Ring
WR01511263   3 Carats Eternity Diamond Ring
WB023333   3 Carats Pear Shaped Bracelet
WB021514   3 Carats tennis Bracelet
WMP1541   3 Diamond Princess Cut Pendant
WB01224   3 Hearts Multicolor Bracelet
123987544632745654   3 Ring Set 18K Yellow and White Gold
WR021997   3 Round Diamond 14K White Gold Ring
WEE23002   3 Round Ring
WR0844414   3 Round Stone Diamond Ring
21555151   3 Row Fresh Water Pearls 14k Yellow Gold & Diamond Bracelet
fbrew   3 Row Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Diamond Locket
WR01514445   3 Stone Anniversary Ring
WR02211   30 Points Diamond Ring
WE01155547   4 Carats Black Diamond Earrings
WR132237   4 Line Diamond Ring
WR10726   4 Prong Octillion Engagement Ring
WR0601   4 Prong Solitary Engagement Ring
WB0027   4 Prong Tennis Bracelet
MR015133   40 Points Diamond Ring
vcoindw   40 Reales - Isabel II
WR02156   45 Points Engagement Ring
WNP1611   5 Diamond Pendant
netherlandcoin   5 Gulden - Wilhemina
WR015112448   50 points Diamond Ring
WR19634   58 Points 4 Prong Engagement Ring
WR10779   58 Points 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
656465465465   6 Diamond 14k White Gold Ladies Ring
WR0217   6 Prong Engagement Ring
WR0603   6 Prong Solitary 18K Engagement Ring
WR600   6 Prong Solitary Engagement Ring
WR0218   60 Points Engagement Ring
WR0215   67 Points Engagement Ring
564757   7 tratados (in english 7 treated) with a heart ring
WB0201   70 Points Tennis Bracelet
WR0219   75 Points Engagement Ring
WR107199   80 Points Engagement Ring
WR015411   9 Stone Ladies Diamond Ring
tuvepo489   925 Onyx Men's ring
891sadc   925 Silver & 14k Yellow Gold David Yurman Band
445Bsvvf   925 Silver Jesus Pendant
GSFSF   925 Sterling Silver Cuban Open Link Chain
hjehsjss54545   925 Sterling Silver CZ Core Lock Hoop Earrings
yatusaeb323   925 Sterling Silver Figaro Mens Bracelet
WN0011   925 Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Necklace (Cuban Zircon Stones)
dtgfdrtg34   925 Sterling Silver Puerto Rico pendant with chain
fe4we6f4221fu   925 Sterling Silver Puerto Rico pendant with chain
561465   925 Sterling silver Shotgun pendant with chain
SSTB001   925 Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
fwsilvertuk   925 Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring
WR0012   925 Sterling Silver with 14 K Yellow Gold 3 Rowed Ring
dfzdfgghf4   950 Platinum Diamond Marquise Engagement Ring
klewon38   950 Platinum Tiffany & Co. Diamond and Sapphire Band
14781116166516   A beautiful diamond 14k white gold ring
egh5sq   A Jubilee Diamond And Sapphire Ring
35t788790   A mother and son diamond pendant with chain
WB02261   A. Vahan Gold Bracelet
tyfourdias   Adorable Diamond Pendant
WR0230   African Amethyst Ring
gfgdfgf54656564656   Alfred Dunhill Black Leather 925 Sterling Silver Cufflinks
fdsfsfs545454466   Alfred Dunhill Black Leather Stainless Steel Cufflinks
dfdf345454545   Alfred Dunhill Brown Leather Gold Filled Cufflinks
gfgfhg541246224   Alfred Dunhill Red Indicator Sterling Silver Cufflinks
AP0014   Alfred Dunhill Sidecar Black Resin Gold Plated Roller Ball Pen.
gfhfg2545454545   Alfred Dunhill sterling silver (925) beige leather
djjxccufff   Alfred Dunhill sterling silver (925) Light brown leather
11   Alfred Dunhill sterling silver tie clip (925)
09   Alfred Dunhill sterling silver with 18k (750) gold tie clip
AP0013   Alfred Dunhill Sterling Silver with 18k (750) Gold Tie clip
781981   All Natural Multicolor Stone and Diamond Ring
Alwand002   Alwand Vahan Silver Chocker Sterling Silver 925 Necklace
Alwand051023   Alwand Vahand Diamond Bracelet
Alwand001   Alwand Vahand Silver & 14 K Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet
WB0030   Alwand Vahand Silver & 14 K Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Alwand005   Alwand Vahand Silver & 14K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet
wef4aWH   Amazing Diamond And Ruby Ring
jayhwvgd19027ju3   Amazing Diamond Gold ring
3540545yoo   Amazing Diamond Platinum Ring
0251007771857*   American eagle gold bullion pendant
EWALJDi   American Waltham Yellow Gold Filled Pocket watch
gfdre   Amethyst & Diamond Pendant
WE0505   Amethyst Diamond Gold Earrings
WE0022   Amethyst Earrings
WE0503   Amethyst Gold Earrings
WR04687   Amethyst Ring
1155656056   Amethyst stone pendant and diamond with chain
WR0026   Amethyst Stone Ring
AP0011   Amethyst Vintage Pin
WE0004   Angela Cummings Heart Shaped French Clip Earirngs (RARE)
ewatclkalen   Anne Klein Ladies Watch
oovsfbnn   Anne Klein Watch Japan Movement
dhesidsoxj   Anniversary 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
WP0215   Apple Heart Pendant
WE0509   Aquamarine Gold Earrings
WR0070   Aquamarine Insert Ring
WP0102   Aquamarine Pendant
MR015111   Arab Turban Ring
18-1815188   Arrow Diamond Ring
WR132235   Arrow Shaped Diamond Ring
artdecoiot   Art Deco 18k White Gold Diamond Ring
topwpwep2wd   Art Deco 18k White Gold Diamond ring
WR012377   Art Deco 1930S 62 Points Platinum Ring
56655656   Art Deco 1930s Sterling Silver & Diamond Ring
WR02155477   Art deco 20 Points Ring
WR020022   Art Deco 25 Points Diamond Ring
WR0123788   Art Deco 30 Points Ring
WR0123789   Art Deco Blue Sapphire Ring
WR84110   Art Deco Blue Sapphire RIng
42556451451111   Art deco diamond ring
WR0027   Art Deco Diamond Ring
WR0029   Art Deco Diamonds Ring
WR017774   Art Deco Eternity Diamond Ring
WR0033   Art Deco Gold and Diamond Ring
BJSJD   Art Deco Platinum Diamond & Sapphire Ring
WR0028   Art Deco Sapphire And Diamond ring
WR0032   Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring
WP18113   Australian Opal Tanzanite Slide Pendant
AP1212   Authentic Tiffany & Co 925 Sterling Silver Ribbon Bow Brooch Pin 1985
1sbnbabycherb   Baby Angel Yellow Gold Pendant
67cghshjwjsl   Baby Diamond Shoe Pendant
7675623131   Baby jesus diamond pendant
dfamammy   Baby Ring Amethyst Pendant
WP0210   Baby Ring Pendant
babymoony   Baby Ring Platinum Pendant
dc83babypen   Baby Ring Platinum Pendant
WR0019   Baguette and Round Cut Diamond Salon Sapphire Ring
WR132236   Baguette and Round Diamond Ring
WAP00100   Bally's Stainless Steel & Gold Plated Swiss Made Watch 73.01
Bamboo001   Bamboo Style 925 Silver Pen
shitw218ew   Bamboo Style Silver Pen
WP021591   Baptism Medallion Pendant
HBK   Baroque Pearl Bracelete
WMB451311   Basket Charm Pearl Bracelet
cgdgdgd546656   Baume & Mercier 18k Gold Watch 15171
eiurghoiew   Baume & Mercier Genève
1565165   Baume & Mercier Geneve 1830
WN0051   Beaded Black Onyx and Malachite Necklace with 14 k Yellow Gold Beads
1616665   Beautful Vintage platinum wedding band with diamonds
yayapoo34   Beautiful "J" Initial Pendant with chain
43133546   Beautiful "Me and you" 18k yellow and white gold diamond ring
dneoir3   Beautiful 0.50 Carat Diamonds Pendant
amythyf   Beautiful 14k Diamond Amethyst ring
a66ja   Beautiful 14k Diamond Ring
15165165   Beautiful 14k Engagement ring
992118188   Beautiful 14k white gold 1960's vintage diamond ring
233413n   Beautiful 14k White Gold Ceylon Sapphire Pendant
58698   Beautiful 14k white gold diamond and natural ruby ring
64245245563   Beautiful 14k white gold diamond band
754684896   Beautiful 14k white gold diamond band
1221345456533   Beautiful 14k white gold diamond pendant
todaydiasflowed   Beautiful 14k White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
todaydiasflower   Beautiful 14k White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
6167168146   Beautiful 14k white gold eternity band
sapphireblueew   Beautiful 14k White Gold London Blue Sapphire Set
1371458   Beautiful 14k white gold Tahitian pearl with diamonds
55616   Beautiful 14k yellow and white gold cubic zircon ring
LSEOPESM_01   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Angel Earrings
dsfxaiuop   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Australian Opal Pendant
bsirryopyyt   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Pendant
lxvrfeas   Beautiful 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Onyx Ring
Dibraceletebangd   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Lmlsiespgj   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Doplhhin Pendant
871871871   Beautiful 14k yellow gold diamond necklace pendant
POOEPY   BEAUTIFUL 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
uybvueibv67343   Beautiful 14k yellow gold diamond ring
oopsbdhs   BEAUTIFUL 14k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
NQJSe3434   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Studs
5165987   Beautiful 14k yellow gold Ruby and diamond ring
pinsn3   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Squirrel
78965151518131   Beautiful 14k Yellow Gold White Culture Diamond Ring
8088221151---   Beautiful 18k (750) yellow gold Diamond and Ruby ring
rereeg5   Beautiful 18k Yellow and White Gold Dangling Opal Earrings
dgfjekjreer   BEAUTIFUL 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pin
ringdiaf   Beautiful 18k Yellow Gold Emerald necklace
CRAFTS-df   Beautiful 1955 M 5 Cinco Pesos Mexican Gold Coin Cufflinks
108118877   Beautiful 2 heart necklace
youuebh23b232   Beautiful Alexandrite Stone Pendant
650615605   Beautiful Amethyst, Emerald and Blue sapphire cat pin
rege341   Beautiful Angel Pendant with or without chain
dfgrere124   Beautiful Art Deco Diamond Necklace with Platinum chain
9520989898   BEAUTIFUL Australian Natural Blue Sapphire Engagement with diamonds
sabemierds2   Beautiful BIG 18k White Gold Diamond ring
tumierdea2   Beautiful Blue Diamond Men's ring
1548fe48   Beautiful Blue Sapphire and Diamond earrings
5468268dfdf   BEAUTIFUL Blue Sapphire Diamond ring
nqxcjubnre   Beautiful Blue Topaz Diamond Ring
ewrqew468548   Beautiful Bridal Diamond set

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