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WMP1634   "13" Diamond Pendant
05614suhhh   "2000" Diamond Platinum band
WGNff21997   "25" Diamond Pendant
wui21BB   "B" Initial White Gold Pendant
WMP0020   "Chai" Pendant
WMP00964   "Chai" White Gold Slide Pendant
LR0361   "Dad" Diamond Ring
EEmatrydisd   "E" Initial Designer Pendant
Eagaine   "E" scrypt initial Diamond 14k White Gold Pendant
454545421   "God Bless America" 14k Yellow Gold Flag Charm
WMP6061   "Happy Birthday" Irish Clover Pendant
MR022516   "HS" Initial Diamond Ring
WMP10612   "I Love You" Amethyst Pendant
WNP04112   "I love you" diamond pendant
MR0020   "J" Ring
WP0202   "J" Script Pendant
WMP1513   "Judy" Double Name Plate
0505050879*   "L" initial diamond pendant
WP0200   "L" Script Pendant
565656jh6pl   "Love You" Platinum diamond ring
WEE23052   "Love" Ring
WMP1024   "Maria" Double Name Plate
WEE2356   "MTA Operator" Ring
WR2894   "N" Initial Onyx Ring
WMP1025   "number 1 mom" Pendant
4566565565   "Oval" Shaped 14k Yellow Gold Flat Wheat Diamond & Star Blue Sapphire Capuchon Necklace
4965656565   "Oval" Shaped 14k Yellow Gold Herribone Diamonds & Ruby Necklace
WMP1512   "Patricia" Double Name Plate
thetubvgv4   "R" Initial 14k White Gold Diamond Necklace
WP0010   "Register Nurse" Yellow Gold Pendant
32637111332   "S" diamond pendant
WP20118   "T" Initial Pendant(w/ Chain)
applifghjk   "The Big Apple" Pendant
125445456415454135323   "V" Shape 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace
45451454   "V" Shape 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace
56535356566   "V" Shaped 14k White Gold Square Width Diamond Necklace
0123456789   "V" Shaped 14k Yellow Gold Flat Pop Corn Diamond Necklace
012345678   "V" Shaped 14k Yellow Gold Flat Wheat Diamond Necklace
145411641   "V" Shaped 18k Yellow Gold Colombian Pear Shape Emerald Necklace
WMP151341   "V" Shaped Ruby Marquise Necklace
98478   "X" Diamond french clip earrings
WE0031   "X" Diamond Push Back earrings
7621671256124124   "X" diamond ring
re389fnllow3   #1 Boss Pendant
bdgf1566d   #1 Sister Yellow Gold Pendant
sistasista66   #1 Sister Yellow Gold Pendant
WP0012   #1 WIfe 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant
WP02119222   ''Mis 15 Anos" Heart Pendant
13618   (750) Eternity wedding band
518688   (925) sterling silver white culture pearl with diamonds
3252454652   *Pre Owned* 1970's vintage diamond hoop earrings
opaloppaldiass   `Beautiful Opal Pendant
WE00303   0.84 Carat 4 Prong Studs Earrings
WR0202   0.85 Points Engagement Ring
WR0113922   1 Carat Princess Cut Engagement Ring
WMP15222444   1 Carat Diamond Necklace
WR0122255   1 Carat Diamond Ring
WR071111   1 Carat Diamond Ring
WR0220   1 Carat Engagement Dual set Ring
WR19702   1 Carat Marquise Engagement Ring
WR19560   1.0 Carat Pear Shape Engagement Ring
WR10722   1.02 Carats 6 Prong Engagement Ring
WR0201   1.05 Carats Engagement Ring
ER0004   1.07 TCW 14 K Yellow Gold Diamond Anniversary Ring
FB0112   1.10 Carats Two tone Bracelet
WR10727   1.15 Carats Marquise Engagement Ring
WR19631   1.15 Carats Marquise Engagement Ring
WN045211   1.20 Carats Link Chain Choker
WB0202   1.20 Carats Tennis Bracelet
WR01139   1.30 Carats Engagement Ring Set
WR10718   1.32 Carats Engagement Ring
ER0005   1.4 Ct (total weight) Princess Cut Engagement Ring Set
WR19877   1.40 Carats Cocktail Marquise Diamond Ring
WR0606   1.47 Carat 6 Prong Engagement Ring
WE2698   1.5 Carats Diamond Hanging Earrings
TB022110   1.5 Carats Tennis Bracelet
WR132240   1.5 Carats Yellow Gold ring
WR10723   1.50 Carats Princess Cut Engagement Ring
WE00010   1.50 Carats Total Pear Shaped 14k White Gold Earrings
WR01135   1.60 Carats Engagement Ring
WR01133   1.65 Carats Engagement Ring
DD0004   1.71 Carats Round Diamond
ER0009   1.75 Carat Princess Cut Diamond 14k White Gold Engagement Ring
WE0021163   1.80 inches Hoop Earrings
WR10719   1.86 Carats Trillian Engagement Ring
MR1   1/10 Ounce Fine Gold Coin Pinky Ring (14k)
ER0001   1/2 Carat 6 Prong Diamond Engagement Ring
AP0005   10 K Yellow & White Gold Mother of Pearl Shirt Studs (3 Included)
Coin13421   1000 Schilling Babenberg Dynasty Coin
kjewfo23   10k multi tone Gold Solitary Engagement Diamond Ring
dbmeme52   10k Rose Gold Cubic Zircon French Clip Earrings
dhdhjdhjussdfd   10K Two-Tone Diamond Earrings
29-9-19717979   10k white gold branch Diamond ring
ereda34   10k White gold Cubic Zircon Earrings
ryky758   10k White Gold Diamond & Pearl Pendant with Chain
2534468   10k white gold diamond cross
fdsfs65fs65s6f56fs   10K White Gold Diamond Cross
1488181   10k white gold diamond engagement ring
sdhet6u67   10k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
dvxskj323   10k White Gold Diamond Pendant & Chain
56546rge   10k white gold Diamond Ring
fe546wdf   10k white gold diamond ring
yutyfywhite4   10k White Gold Diamond Ring
WB0017   10k White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
manlabsapphhh   10k White Gold Man Made Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring
7981631-5   10k white gold men's diamond ring
ER08   10K White Gold Square Shaped CZ Earrings
679854   10k White Gold Unique Diamond Ring
541687   10k yellow and white gold bracelet
dhtdgf2   10k Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring
vuiwueiwamy   10k Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring
khutf67   10k Yellow Gold Anchor Pendant
25871   10k yellow gold Angel cubic zircon
59889   10k yellow gold basketball guy pendant
32168   10k yellow gold blue sapphire with diamonds
WMP0021   10k yellow gold Cobra Pendant
kuyuykju8   10k Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Children's Bracelet
mmmmmaccs   10K Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Hamsa Pendant
pearlmuave   10k Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Earrings
egergety   10k Yellow Gold CZ And Rectangle Amethyst Ring
53677245   10k yellow gold DAD tie pin
dadd2rvfds   10k Yellow Gold Diamond "Dad" Ring
hjgjgj653653656   10k Yellow Gold Diamond & Natural Emerald Heart Pendant
PLaTO-ss   10k Yellow Gold Diamond Band
HGCYGU   10k Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet
bfjewr218   10k yellow gold Diamond ring
PLLSHD555   10k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
DFHDS   10k Yellow Gold Diamond Unique Pendant
byesdcvdias   10k Yellow Gold Earring And Necklace Set
tykdtykdty   10k yellow Gold Emerald & Ruby Punk Guy Pendant
dtjrrsj981   10k Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
hjfew89j34dfbrufeg   10k yellow Gold Faith, Hope, & Charity pendant
9063t   10k Yellow Gold Garnet Diamond Ring
dfdgdgdg4564545   10k Yellow Gold Half Diamond Hoop Earrings
fbhdbgs54455645ss   10k Yellow Gold Heart Multicolor stone bracelet
ugughugugu5464646   10K Yellow Gold Hoop Diamond Earrings
118888888888   10k yellow gold ice skate shoe pendant
ddfdfvtreeq   10k Yellow Gold Jesus Christ Necklace/Pendant
dgfdgd6dgf464646   10k Yellow Gold Natural Ruby & Diamond Heart Pendant
ksteop   10k Yellow gold Natural Sapphire & Diamond Ring
bhe8901h43ouussyputs   10k yellow gold Ruby ring
swuareearrings-   10k Yellow Gold Square Cubic Zircon Stone Earrings
LIUZW-OPop   10k yellow gold Toe Ring With a CZ stone
154664   10k Yellow Gold Unisex Diamond Square Earrings
WR02191455   13 Points Engagement Ring
WE0011   14 K Gold Cameo Earrings
WE07   14 K Two Tone Ball Dangling Earrings
WNMP2   14 K Two Tone Double Plated "Barbie" Diamond Name Plate
WB0-9   14 K Two Toned Multi Colored Stone Bracelet
WBS100020   14 K White & Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band Set
MN0004   14 K White Gold Beaded Rosary
WR0054   14 K White Gold Diamond Belt Buckle Ring
ENG001   14 K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring with Accents.
WGNP14k   14 K White Gold Diamond Open Heart Pendant
565656656   14 K White Gold Diamond Tapered Baguette Cross
WB0-10   14 K White Gold Multi Colored Stone Heart Bracelet
ENG003   14 K White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
98569-651   14 k white gold Tahitian pearl with diamonds
2125454512   14 K White Gold Three Diamond Stone Ring
WGNPH0k12   14 K White Gold Triple Heart Diamond Pendant
WMNPR01   14 K Yellow Gold CaraVaca Crucifix Pendant
WNP0091010   14 K Yellow Gold 3 Stone Slide Pendant
WE03980   14 K Yellow Gold Amethyst & Diamond French Clip Earrings
WB01   14 K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet
545455541   14 K Yellow Gold Bracelet & Necklace Blue Sapphire Set
WA120   14 k Yellow Gold Bulova Accutron Watch
WE993401   14 K Yellow Gold Cabochon Blue Sapphire Diamond Earrings.
56565656   14 K Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Cat Belly Piercing
WN0016   14 K Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace
ENG002   14 K Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
WE2035400   14 K Yellow Gold Diamond and Natural Ruby Earrings
WR11   14 K Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring
WEDER120001   14 K Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Stud Earrings.
WRD0001   14 K Yellow Gold Diamond Dome Ring
Er00003002   14 K Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings
WNP023   14 K Yellow Gold Heart Pendant Necklace
WE0211   14 K Yellow Gold Knot Earrings
MC0002   14 K Yellow Gold Link Chain
WE0010   14 K Yellow Gold Mabel Pearl & Diamond French Clip Back Earrings.
ER4   14 k Yellow Gold Multiple Gemstone Link Chain Bracelet
WR0006   14 K Yellow Gold Opal Stone Ring
87987956   14 k yellow gold open heart pendant
WR0040   14 K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Ring
515165   14 K Yellow Gold Pear Shape Turquoise pendant
WR1   14 K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Flower Designed Ring
MN0005   14 K Yellow Gold Shambala Cross Necklace. (Cross is Two Tone)
ST0006   14 K Yellow Gold Star Designed Woman's & Mens Rings (Set)
WB0008   14 K Yellow Gold Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
LAPWNP0000000010001   14 K Yellow Gold Unique Carved Lavender Jade Pendant
5465456   14 K Yellow Gold Vintage Telephone Charm
WNP02   14 k Yellow Gold Yellow Citrine and Diamond Pendant
255hvyju   14k Dark Blue Gorgeous Sapphire Necklace
WE0014   14k & 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Dangling Sun Earrings
1323649568965425   14K 2 Tone Yellow & White Band Diamond Ring
1454546dfdfgd656   14K 2 Tone Yellow & White Gold Emerald Bracelet
21456456456454   14K 2 Tone Yellow & White Gold Mens Diamond Ring
31649751824649452546   14K 2 Tone Yellow & White Gold Mens Diamond Ring

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